General Torque Spec Settings

Exhaust manifold nuts 10-14Nm
Exhaust mounting bolts 30-14Nm
Engine mounting nuts 45-50Nm
Oil drain bolt 11-15Nm
Oil filter screen cap 10-20 Nm
Spark plug 10 -14Nm
Crank case bolts 8-12Nm
Cylinder head bolts / nuts 18Nm-22Nm
Variator center nut 35-40 Nm 49cc gy6   149cc gy6 40-60NM
Clutch assembly nut for spring 50-60Nm 49cc gy6   
Clutch center nut 35-40Nm 49cc gy6   1  49cc gy6 40-60NM
Gear box drain and fill bolt 9-15Nm 49cc -149cc gy6
Fan bolts 9Nm 49cc -149cc gy6
Valve lash adjusting nut 7 Ft Lbs 
Standard Torque Setings
M5-Bolt or Nut--5Nm
M6-Bolt or Nut--10Nm
M8Bolt or Nut--21.5Nm
M10Bolt or Nut 35Nm 
M12Bolt or Nut 55Mm
M6Bolt or Nut flanged head 12Mn
M8Bolt or Nut flanged head 27Nm
M10Bolt or Nut flanged head 40Nm
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    Jeffrey Poage

    DRIVE belt fell off..I'm going to do it myself. In a little's on the left side right the panel take off and I'll get it I hope.. tell me my cellphone number is 8144830675 I'm Jeff

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